How to choose your wedding cake? What to take in consideration?

How to choose your wedding cake? What to take in consideration?

Choosing a wedding cake and don’t know what to begin with? You’ve come to the right place. The choice of a wedding cake is an exciting process for every bride and groom.

Wedding cakes are an important part of the event. It is, in fact, a symbol of the union and almost as important a center of attention as the bride’s wedding dress. It has to be spectacular and delicious. Now no matter what your budget is, Empire Bakery has the perfect solutions for you and here we will outline the main considerations in how to choose a wedding cake and make the best of your budget for it.

First of all, since it is going to be served to a multitude of people, it absolutely has to be made of hypoallergenic ingredients, so that all your guests can partake in and enjoy it. Another pretty important thing is that a wedding cake should be ordered some time in advance. Two-three weeks are an optimal time span to ensure that it is prepared to date and to your maximum satisfaction.

Now to the interesting part: how to choose wedding cake design? Two things come into play here – budget and imagination. Now don’t be afraid that a modestly budgeted cake will be small and too humble. A cake for 200$ can be made to look very impressive indeed. The trick to this is laying the foundation in tyres of styrofoam and placing the cake layer over it. This way a cake is made to look significantly bigger than its edible part and can serve to make a beautiful centerpiece for the wedding meal for everybody to enjoy. Of course, for bigger events you need more cake and it has to be bigger not only on the inside to feed more guests. But just remember, you can have a great wedding cake for a relatively modest input.

Once you determined your budget, it’s time to choose the wedding cake design! Now this is where you can go really wild and imaginative and have as much fun composing the cake as eating it. The wedding cake is very much a sculpture and can be shaped to look like anything.

Put your bride and groom statuettes on a love-boat shaped cake or send them on a romantic ride on a stylish carriage or fancy car. The rose, heart and castle are of course, the immortal all-time favorites. Remember, of course, that with a limited budget, you may have to choose between custom made and large, as both mean extra cost. We will, however, make sure to balance things out for you and find the perfect combination of both for you it you are having a hard time deciding. You can eat the cake and leave it whole, so to speak!

For more information on how to choose your wedding cake design, contact Empire bakery and get a free assessment and get invited to a tasting meeting, where you will get acquainted with all the mesmerizing flavors that our chefs have come up with specially for you!


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