Choosing a Cake for Teens Over 12

Choosing a Cake for Teens Over 12

Stumped over what kind of cake to get the teen in your life? This is a tough age because teens are too young for more mature themes but too old for cartoon characters, trucks, dinosaurs and superheroes. Choosing a kids’ birthday cake doesn’t have to be a chore. All you have to do is put a little thought into what themes they like and what flavors appeal to their sweet tooth. Instead of grabbing a generic cake from the grocery store freezer, customize your teen’s birthday cake with a couple of our idea’s to make them feel extra special.


For the budding pianist in your life, go all-out with a round, two-tiered cake lined with black and white piano keys and topped off with a musical note in the shape of their age. Does your boy like to drum? You can adorn a topsy-turvy checkerboard cake with an edible drum set and his age displayed on the front. No need to go with a traditional circular cake for your musical theme. In fact, for your favorite guitarist, we can

create a cake in the shape of his guitar for a unique spin on the rock n’ roll theme. Think outside the cake pan for creative, shape-bending twists on traditional favorites.


Teens are notorious for loving their sports. It keeps them busy and gets them healthy. Celebrate your kid’s love of all sports with a four-tiered cake featuring one level each for soccer, basketball, football and hockey. A sheet cake with sports balls popping out of the surface makes for a nice 3D effect. We can even do several mini cakes each with a different ball, from a football or basketball to a baseball or even a hockey puck. Get creative with a cake in the shape of a catcher’s mitt, a customized sports jersey cake, or even a cake that resembles home plate.


What teen doesn’t love gaming in today’s world? From playing solitaire on the computer to first person shooters and roll playing games there is a lot of idea’s to come up with. Create a cake in the shape of an Xbox controller, create an angry bird’s themed cake, your kid’s favorite characters in one of their games would definitely get their attention.


What teen doesn’t love movies? From vampires to zombies, use their favorite flicks as inspiration for your custom cake. If you daughter is still into Harry Potter, present her with a cake in the shape of the Sorting Hat, or a few ancient wizard books piled on top of each other adorned with a Golden Snitch. Celebrate Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Party with a totally radical surfboard cake, or pay homage to the Walking Dead with a zombie-themed cake.


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