Celebrating a birthday and want a cake that will be the center piece of the party? Something memorable and special for a surprise party? You name it – we can create it. We are one of the leading creators of Birthday cakes Toronto, and offer a great variety of spectacular sweet desserts that will delight your guests and energize your party. Birthdays are important occasions, when we want to say thank you to our friends and family and express this gratitude and love by making the party as welcoming as possible. There is nothing better than to walk into a party with a beautiful Birthday cake with delicate decorations and candles.

Here in Toronto, the Birthday Cake world is getting infused with a variety of flavors and styles. Empire Bakery knows all there is to know about the birthday cakes Toronto trends and favorites, and employs the best pastry chef’s to create them and proudly produce cakes that are not only a pleasure to behold, but are also a delicacy that will delight your taste buds.


From cakes to pastries to veritable multi-level works of art in cream, chocolate and icing, we specialize in them all and will have your mouth water from the moment you set eye on them. Even our most simple and modest cakes are made with gentle care and supreme professionalism that are a great adornment to any party. The cake is made on a basis of trust, trust that it will be made on time and the way you envisioned. This is why it is extremely important to have someone with proven experience and we deliver safe and fresh products to retail outlets across the country and parts of the united sates. Plus we can fit any budget. Let us know what you want in your cake and we will offer you the different ways we can make the cake on different budgets.

Here are some of the many flavors of cakes we offer: traditional vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes with a tasty twist, fruit filled cream cake, Russian Napoleon cake, chocolate cream cake, meringue infused cake, our famous prune cream cake and many, many more! Empire Bakery will create a birthday cake for any party in Toronto that will conquer the guests and will make you want more.