10 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

10 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

As your wedding day approaches, one of the things you may be putting a lot of thought into is the all-important cake – that sweet, fluffy confection that gets everybody’s taste buds going with a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re a traditionalist at heart or a modern diva, the cake you choose will say a lot about your style as a couple. Here are some wedding cake ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

  1. Romance is in the Air. To reflect the romance and mystery of your relationship, try the timeless appeal of a white rose wedding cake symbolizing your love. Because white roses stand for purity and unity, this tiered cake covered in all-white edible sugar petals will be sure to impress all the romantics at your wedding.
  2. Modern Mama. Go contemporary with a new twist on an old favorite. Crisp lines done up in smooth fondant, characterized with sharp geometric lines and bold colors makes for a modern masterpiece that is anything but boring.
  3. Go with a Theme. Whether you love traveling the world, playing video games, enjoying a cup of coffee together or even have a favorite movie, use that theme to your advantage for a wedding cake that captures the essence of you as a couple. From Star Wars to Scrabble, take a theme and run with it!
  4. Rustic Realism. With soft, creamy waves of beige peppered with edible twigs, leaves and fruits like pears and apples, this cake is perfect for barn weddings and outdoor country gatherings.
  5. Crazy for Cupcakes. Eliminate the need for time-consuming cake cutting and go straight to cupcakes that each guest can easily grab from the dessert table. Incorporate all different shapes and sizes to accommodate those who just want a quick bite to those who are ready for a more elaborate treat to enjoy over their coffee.
  6. Cake Toppers Galore. What you put on the top of your cake can make or break the whole theme. These days, you can find cake toppers of any kind, from a couple playing golf to a groom pitching a baseball to the bride. Whether you buy your cake topper pre-made out of ceramic or plastic, or you sit down with your baker to come up with an edible creation, make sure it makes a statement.
  7. Candy Crush. Love sweet treats in the form of candy? Why not make your cake even sweeter with the addition of jelly beans, peppermints, swizzle sticks, spiral lollipops, gum drops and even rock candy? Go retro and cover your cake in candy dots reminiscent of your childhood!
  8. Hail to the Holiday. If your wedding takes place around a holiday like Halloween, Christmas or the Fourth of July, play up that theme by incorporating a festive confection.
  9. Taste the Rainbow. Nothing says colorful like a rainbow theme on each tier. Whether you want to make the frosting itself pop with color, or cover the entire cake in one color frosting, with a different colored cake surprise within each level, you’re sure to make a lasting impression.
  10. Tell a Story with Pictures. For a truly unique cake, add edible photos to the overall design, from pictures of you as kids all the way up through the day you met. Intersperse black and white shots with vibrant color photos for a striking contrast.

No matter what theme you decide to go with, Empire Bakery is happy to sit down with you and create the masterpiece of your dreams. You only get one shot at the wedding cake. Let us do it right, making for a lifetime of sweet memories.


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